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19th April 2009 Update

As in the previous years PKP CARGO S.A. and the Era Parowozów Foundation jointly organise the Steam Locomotive Show – the 16th STEAM LOCMOTIVE PARADE 2009.
The highlight of the first day of the gala would be the evening "Light, sound and steam" presentation, which will be proceeded by the finale of the 'Miss World of Steam Engines' contest. All the steam locomotives that are to take part in the parade the next day will be available to be viewed closer, as well as to have a ride in the cab of a steam locomotive, which is being organised by the Friends of the Wolsztyn Steam Depot Society.
The parade day will start with an increased activity in the locomotive depot from the very morning, with many special trains arriving at the station from many different directions: as many as three steam trains are planned to come from Germany this year. As usual special vintage trains will take you for a ride in time around Wolsztyn. Tickets for these trains will be available on the trains and in the locomotive shed. Please note: the number of seats available is limited! The 16th Steam Locomotive Parade itself will be officially opened at 1 o'clock p.m. The biggest steam gala in Poland will see machines from Poland, Germany, United Kingdom, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia. The 'Scene on the loading ramp' will provide entertainment, contests and presentations through the day. All of the depot facilities, such as the depot building, workshops, museum, coal storage, water tower as well as the 'The Railway World of Piotr Drożdż' exhibition will be made available for sightseeing through the whole gala day.

More details and the detailed day to day ITINERARY can be found in the 'Events' section. We were able to update the itinerary including departure and arrival dates of some of the incoming trains. More details will be made available as soon as possible. We will be able to provide the '16th Steam Engine Show from A to Z' information sheet before the parade.

We would alsolike to inform, that there are NO ROOMS AVAILABLE in the shed hostel.

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